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Four weeks ago I was discussing with my wife if I should participate in the Singapore Marathon.  With all my injuries i have this year I wasn’t sure if I could or would want to join; and if ever I decide join, the question would be, would i run the 10k or the 21k.

A week before the  opening of registration I was leaning towards running in Singapore doing the 21k, since I bungled my first attempt on the half early this year, I said to myself the Singapore Marathon would be perfect.  All I need now is a trainer to help me get me get my strength and endurance back.  Enter Coach Joar, I remember my good friend Ben telling me that Coach Joar would be a good choice if you are coming from an injury.  Gave him a call and was glad that he accepted. Can’t wait for my training to start…


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Just when I thought I could go all out on running I had to take two steps back.

Last Sunday I registered to do a 5k in the Milo Marathon. This was supposed to be my second race since I injured myself, lo and behold, I woke up with a bum stomach.

I still went to Roxas thinking I would be fine when I get there. Met Tin at our usual rendezvous and thinking is all i did as I went back home after dropping off tin at T Kalaw.

TODAY, Tueday was supposed to be my 1st day of training with Coach Joar, but i have to cancel again because my foot is hurting once again. Oh well!

Good thing I purchased Fight Night 4 (xbox 360) two weeks ago, at least I can vent out my frustations hehehehe

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I’m BACK!!!!

I was able to finally join a race after being sidelined for more than a month.  By sidelined I mean no practice runs and no races, damn I couldn’t even walk without a limp.  The Japan Airlines run which was held yesterday, June 28, was supposed to be a test run for me.  It was a race which would tell my therapist and I  if my injury has healed or if I need to take a break from running.

Let me take you back to where it all began, The Condura Run (2009).  Was registered to do the 21k but with me getting sick and having bouts with asthma  which lasted a month and a half, I had little to no training for this.  Still I pushed through with the race, to make the long story short, both my legs had cramps and i had to call it quits upon hitting the 15k mark.  Two weeks later I did the Greenfield Run and my feet ended up swelling on the toe area.  I figured I just needed to rest, which I did till May, when I did the BOTAK run.  This run was the clincher because both feet were swelling not to mention the excruciating pain.  So basically, I did those races with no preparation at all, plus i ran injured, which is a big no no.

After consulting with doctors and therapists it was obvious that they need to contain the pain and the swelling swelling before any work was to be done.  Actual work started two weeks later, the therapsit who worked on my feet said that the muscles around the toes were torn and that the “bone was dislodge”.  After two weeks, I did a test run which ended badly.  After 1.5k i reinjured my feet.   By then I was already worried because I  missed a lot of races and the JAL run was coming up.   Told my therapist that I wanted to run on the 28th and that we should aim for this.  He said, “two weeks?  mukhang kaya naman basta ba regualr yung pag punta mo dito.”  I told him I was willing to go to him 4x a week (hahaahah).  on the 26th he gave me the GO signal.


I was pretty anxious I was so worried that I would no be able to finish the race or I would run in pain or even worst reinjure my feet.  I met up with my friend, Kristine, Mayen and Bobby (too bad the rst of the group could not make it).  The anxiety reached it’s peak when my friends and I left the parking lot because my heart rate shot to 120 (from 90) and i had only taken a few steps towards the starting line (hahahaah).  The race started and when I hit the 1.5 mark I wanted to walk cause i was panting so hard (hahahaah), but decided to slow down a bit and continue.  I decided to walk when I was at the 2k mark cause I needed to catch my breath and at this point my feet were also telling me to slow down.  When I reached the turn around mark I decided to really test my feet  I was walking jogging landing on my forefoot and midfoot, and at the last 400m i pick up the pace and started to sprint.  Aside from my lungs wanting to explode the Race and the day ended well.  I can officially say that I’m back and will start to train soon.

Even if I finished the race plus 10 mins from last year, I’m happy that I was able to finish injury free and that i was able to sprint,

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sick, AGAIN!!

This is amazing. Just when I thought I could go all out in my training I catch a cold. Good thing I’m taking maintenance medicine for my asthma, otherwise I would be down in the dumps again.

I hope to get back to training very very soon

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New Balance Power Race (16-Nov-2008)

This is me cramming.  I started this last November but did not get the chance to finish it because of…um…laziness.  So here goes:

Like most of the runs I’ve joined in 2008, I wanted to see if I improved from 2007.  The New Balance Power Race was a must run for me and the only thing that would stop me from joining this run is if I fractured my leg.  Why? Because in 2007, this was my first 10k run and I really enjoyed it.  Last year,  I joined this race with absolutely no preparation.  At that time, my running was limited on Sundays and the distance was not more than 5k.  Intensity?  What intensity?  It was a light leisurely run hahaahah…  So when I told my family that I’ll bwe running my first 10k, I pretty much had the same reaction from everyone, Kaya mo ba?  Finished it in 1:34 with my back hurting like hell.  I almost gave up at the 8th KM.  It was a miracle I got home. hehehe

Fast track to 2008,  reached Clark an hour before the race, met up with some friends and started to warm up.  At the start, my friends lined up the the front whilst I stayed at my usual position at the back of the pack (hehe).  Since I was familiar with the course, I was able to adjust the pace of my run with ease.  What I did was did I brisk walk on all uphill and started to run on all downhill.  When I hit the turn around mark, my back was not hurting and my legs were still good, at this point I was thinking:  “Hey, I’m going to do better this year”.  When I reached the 8Km (1:10) mark though, my legs started to hurt and I decided to walk.  BIG MISTAKE, cause when I started to run again my legs didn’t feel right so i was switching between walking and running.  I finished the race at 1:30, could have done better if I hadn’t stopped…grrrr…

Overall, I enjoyed the race big time,  The course, water was abundant, friends were supportive.  The New Balance Power Race is one race that I’d look forward doing again and again.  See you in 2009 😀

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Happy Run (25-Jan-2009)

How does one measure success in a race?  Is it the time?  Or Finishing the Race with no injury?  Yesterday I did my second 15k in the Happy Run.  I had two goals to finish faster than my first 15k and to finish without injury.  My first 15k was last year (Mizuno 1)  and I finished 2:24 with both of my legs cramping (not to mention I was walking most of the way).  I really wanted to do this run so even without proper training i pushed through.

I was so anxious about this race that I could not sleep.  Woke up at 1:30 and decided to relax and play FIFA 09 rather than force myself to sleep.  I picked up my friend Rivka at around 4:30 and met up with my running buddies (Mayen, Mickey, Joy, Lito, Bobby) at the starting line.  The race started at 5:50 and I tried to keep my run to a comfortable pace.  At the first corner I could sense that we were going to be last at the 15k crowd was starting to thin out.  True enough when we reached the gate of McKinley Hill the 5k runners were not to far behind.  Normally I’d panic and start to pick up the pace but told myself to stay focused and continue with my current pace.  Rivka and I finaly reached at turn around point on c-5 and was about to enter Heritgae Park.  Amazingly my legs were still holding up, at this point I was starting to worry because during Mizuno 1 my legs started to cramp at Heritage Park.  2.5k later I was relieved to exit the park with my legs still intact but it was at this pont that I decided to walk a bit.  My legs were okay, but my lungs were not….McKinley Hill…that dreadful  hilly course….last year both my legs cramped in this area so was very careful when we entered.

I saw Rivka turn towards McKinley Hill, but when I got in she disappeared.  I figured she picked up her pace since it was downhill so i did the same when i reached the bottom still no Rivka, How the heck could she have built a big lead on me so quickly, I told myself.   To my surprise, somebody handed me a banana. Apparenly she stopped by 7-11 to buy one.  Banana on hand…uphill?  Reason fro me to walk hahahaaha. I took my sweet time in finishing my banana and got to the turn around point well rested to i ran back, we finallly got out of McKinley unscathed.

The last stretch of the race i was feeling tightness on my legs and Rivka was experiening pain as well so we decided to take it easy.  We finished the Race 2:30 but I’m happy with results because aside from the normal soreness my legs, back and body didn’t hurt so much.  WOOPEEDOO!!!!

Till the next 15k…. heheeh

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My First 5k Run

i’ve been meaning to write or talk about my running experience but never really sat down to do it until…TADA….Today.  Why? I have no idea hehehe…So here goes…

I started running last year when i friend of mine asked me, “Hey do you want to run?”  Since I was super out of shape and had not had any exercise in years, I said “Sure!”  I took the opportunity to finally burn some  calories rather and adding and to do it with a friend, not bad eh?

I was thinking were going to ultra for a leisurely run around the track. My thoughts were since i had gained so much weight this leisurely run would be enough to burn calories and i wouldn’t tire myself out that much.  Guess again…

My friend registered me in one of the races in UP and it was a 5k at that!!!  What the…My first excercise in 8 years…My first run exceeding 3k…My first race outside of the school fun run…How did I do?

hmmm Let me put ti this way, I was happy i made it home.  About 30 seconds into the race my legs were making it’s presence felt.  Had to stop after two mins as I though i was going to faint.  Then srarted walking again.  So after alternating walking and running,  more of the walking mind you i finished in 53 mins.  The things i remember about that race: 1) the pain, oh the pain!!  I think I could not walk properly for a week; 2) how much fun i had running.

The UP Great Run started it all for me because since then I’ve looked forward to Sundays so that I could race.  Plus this was the first time I met Ben, Chaia, Joms. Mon, Pen, Roselle, Smith all members of H@ppy Feet. A running group which helped me with my initial stages of running

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